i really am a product designer ...
i studied product design at the Faculty of
Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon and
then i worked with some designers and
companies as a designer. now i teach at
ESAD.CR and work on my own projects.

meanwhile, somehow i have been hired to
take photos and ... yeah, now i also do
some photo shoots, mainly of products ...

and sometimes i create drawings,
but unfortunatelly i don’t have enought time.

i have a big problem ...
i have a product design collection with
about 800 objects, and i don’t know what
to do with it. it would be great if more
people could enjoy them.

so, i am available to work with you as a
product designer or as a photographer.
oh, and if you have any ideas about what
to do with the product design collection,
please let me know :)


+351 968 992 289

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