I've always loved these
ordinary black plastic buckets.
 They're awesome!
But... come on, they have a shitty life:
designed to be used on dirty tasks
and with a short lifespan,
or sometimes with a long lifespan
with lots of deformities...
Yes, ok... some deformities
can be a formal improvement.

Anyway, here I wanted to give
these buckets a more dignified life.
Instead of being in a garage
or on a construction site,
now they can watch tv with you.
It's like if they've climbed
in the social hierarchy.

So, I just added a lid to cover
the bucket and a new flexible,
comfortable handle. It is now
possible to store things inside,
covering them, and use the lid
as a surface to place objects.

But, after all it's just an
ordinary black plastic bucket...

Important - In this project,
I use standard plastic buckets.
I always try to pick the best ones,
but the bucket may have some
small scratches that don’t
affect its form or function.

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EDITION - 1 / 20

One day, my dear wife, who likes to
crochet in her spare time, asked me
to draw some dolls for her to make.
So Solid Landscapes was my answer
to her briefing.
She didn't tell me but I think she hates me
since then because So Solid Landscapes
didn't match to her expectations.
Anyway... the main idea is to combine
two-dimensional shapes like circles,
oblongs, squares... with three-dimensional
solids like cylinders, cones, torus...
... aka donuts :)
Combining all these shapes and solids
with different colors and sizes gives
infinite possible compositions
- and I really like to explore that.
This, #12, is the first commercial issue,
and it will be available in an edition of 20.
You’re probably asking what the purpose
of this is... I don't know.
You can use it however you like.
Give it to your baby or just decorate
a sideboard, or even use it as a base
with a smooth surface to place hard
or sharp objects.
... In the end I just hope you love them
as much as we so.

Oh... they are handmade with
cotton yarn by Raquel Costa.

Washable at 30º
(no bleach)
Always air dry - flat
(out of the sun)
Medium iron

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EDITION - 1 / 1


This is just a pile of household
objects (or part of them).
It is not intended to be a work
of art, nor a functional object.
It is what it is... a pile.
When it comes to PILHINHAS
what matters is the size.
Forget the shape or the objects
it has, if it's tidy or all messed up...
keep in mind... the size...
All the objects that make up
this PILHINHA are separate and
will come to you ready to be
assembled. Don't worry,
you'll get a hand-drawn drawing
explaining the correct sequence.
This is not a multiple piece,
it will not be reproduced.
I hope it makes you happy :)

This PILHINHA has differente materials
like wood, glass, plastic, clay, porcelaine,
rubber and copper. Do not use ..dfisfhkf 

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1 : 1
# 1


Most of the time technical
drawings are just a way of
communication between the
designer and the producer.
Undoubtedly, these drawings
are an important part of a
product production, but then
they are forgotten and  hidden
behing the curtain. Why?
I believe they can be in the
spotlight, along with the  product.
Technical drawings can be
beautiful two-dimensional
graphic pieces that add value
to the entire project... and...
I am not talking about money.
1:1 #1, printed version, is not
a product. It's an assemble of 4
parts that works toghether with
a 1:1 technical drawing (with a
front and a side view of the object).

This object is printed on a home
3D printer with PLA filament,
a bioplastic made from fermented
vegetable starch. The two-
dimensional drawing is printed
on a home inkjet printer.
This product will be shipped
to you in a reused box of
3D printing filament.

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i love all these products ! 
i don´t want to sell them 
( but i need the money )
a n y w a y . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  

i hope you can love them too !