EDITION - 1 / 20

One day, my dear wife, who loves to
crochet in her free time, asked me
to create some dolls for her to bring to life.
So Solid Landscapes was my
response to her request.
She never explicitly told me,
but I suspect She might have felt
a tinge of disappointment because
So Solid Landscapes didn't quite
meet her expectations.
Anyway... the main idea here is to blend
two-dimensional shapes such as circles,
oblongs, squares... with three-dimensional
solids like cylinders, cones, torus...
... aka donuts :)
By combining these shapes and solids
with different colors and sizes it results
in countless potential compositions -
- and I genuinely enjoy exploring
the endless possibilities.
This, #12, is the first commercial release,
and it will be available in an edition of 20.
Now, you might be wondering,
'What's the purpose of these stuff?'
To be honest, I'm not entirely sure.
You can use them as you like.
Whether it's as a playful toy for your
little one, a decorative piece for a
sideboard, or even as a solid base
for placing more robust or
sharp objects...
Ultimately, my hope is that you'll
love them as much as I do.

they are handmade wit cotton yarn
by the talented Raquel Costa.

Washable at 30º
(no bleach)
Always air dry - flat
(out of the sun)
Medium iron when needed

Your product will be delivered
within 2 weeks after purchase.
Hope that works for you!

i love all these products ! 
i don´t want to sell them 
( but i need the money )
a n y w a y . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  

i hope you can love them too !



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